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Welcome to my new venture - The Local Collective Blog!

For the past few years, I've been a co-founder of an awesome online market and community support group. I have LOVED working with small business owners, there is always an amazing sense of community and support. 

Our Facebook page ( has lost it's funk over the past year, because we've all been so busy working on our own businesses. So, after a bit of a brainwave I've decided to use our 7k strong audience to create a blog that features and supports small businesses within New Zealand. We have an amazing amount of small businesses in our country, it's so important to buy local and support our fellow kiwi men and woman!

Queue The Local Collective Blog! A blog aimed at small businesses specifically in New Zealand! I hope that I can learn alongside all my readers - I am in no way an expert in anything business related, but I love learning new ways to engage with my audience and my community.

So... welcome!


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